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  For 30 years, Tom Gargiulo's leadership-centered messages have stood at the heart of his teaching. Using an energetic and humorous delivery, Tom establishes a strong personal connection with his audience members.  He leaves a profound impression every time he speaks. Tom's is an old-fashioned message delivered with a modern-day flair.   Tom's use of stories and wordplay will inspire, as well as make you laugh.  His passion for educating by entertaining has become his calling.  Tom enhances his presentations with content from  research and interviews of some of the greatest coaches and educators of all time.  He embeds storytelling anecdotes of wisdom and humor within his presentations.  Audiences will enjoy these coaching metaphors that deliver leadership-centered values to his message.  His audiences include:  students and athletes (of all ages), teachers, parents, coaches, administrators, education associations, business leaders, and service organizations.